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Редактирование, патчи для PES6/WE10 Умелые и не очень руки.

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Старый 15.05.2018, 01:51   #1
Клава навсегда!
Аватар для Sany1984
По умолчанию PES 6 Supersonic Patch The Return 2017-18

PES 6 Supersonic Patch The Return 2017-18 - глобальный патч для PES 6 на сезон 2017-2018.


Stadiums : World Stadiums PES6:

Kits : Dibu Edition :
WindowOp Kitmaker - PES 6 :
Jeremysr :
Villapila :
Daniel Juve :
Eddy65 :
Ema CM Kitmaker
Ignaxx Kitmaker:
Rodry90 Kitmaker:
AgusOp Kitmaker :
Alessandro Edition:
FacaA/Ngel Kitmaker:
Martin KM
ByNicarm Kitmaker:
Cold Kits :
Brayan Kitmaker:
B4U7Y KitMaker:
Stingy PES :

Balls : DaveBece Ballmaker :
Elsanchigui Ballmaker :

Boots :

Faces and Hairs : Alegor :
Pato_Lucas18 :
Gabriel CAI :
Nico98 :
Bonagedon :
Sevenes :

Scoreboards : Dered96 :
PES Logos :

Commentaries : Pato_Lucas18 Vialmepal y Pollonon

Special thanks to PES Logos for the shields, markers, loading screens, etc, and for the genius of Pato_Lucas18 for the help in International Challenge, real trophies such as Libertadores and Eurocopa, help with the colors of the fans, banners and basically for the time taken to answer in each doubt, without you doing any work of PEs6 would be much more difficult and for that reason it is appreciated.

* And excuse me if I forget some, all with their smallest contribution sum to achieve this, thanks to all, really.

Список команд


0,"01 Europa A\000 Austria"
1,"01 Europa A\001 Belgica"
2,"01 Europa A\002 Albania"
3,"01 Europa A\003 Croacia"
4,"01 Europa A\004 Republica Checa"
5,"01 Europa A\005 Dinamarca"
6,"01 Europa A\006 Inglaterra"
7,"01 Europa A\007 Bosnia Herzegovina"
8,"01 Europa A\008 Francia"
9,"01 Europa A\009 Alemania"
10,"01 Europa A\010 Grecia"
11,"01 Europa A\011 Hungria"
12,"01 Europa A\012 Irlanda"
13,"01 Europa A\013 Italia"
14,"01 Europa A\014 Islandia"
15,"01 Europa A\015 Holanda"
16,"01 Europa A\016 Irlanda del Norte"
17,"01 Europa A\017 Noruega"
18,"01 Europa A\018 Polonia"
19,"01 Europa A\019 Portugal"


20,"02 Europa B\020 Rumania"
21,"02 Europa B\021 Rusia"
22,"02 Europa B\022 Escocia"
23,"02 Europa B\023 Serbia"
24,"02 Europa B\024 Eslovaquia"
25,"02 Europa B\025 Eslovenia"
26,"02 Europa B\026 Espana"
27,"02 Europa B\027 Suecia"
28,"02 Europa B\028 Suiza"
29,"02 Europa B\029 Turquia"
30,"02 Europa B\030 Ucrania"
31,"02 Europa B\031 Gales"


32,"03 Africa\032 Egipto"
33,"03 Africa\033 Camerun"
34,"03 Africa\034 Costa de Marfil"
35,"03 Africa\035 Ghana"
36,"03 Africa\036 Nigeria"
37,"03 Africa\037 Marruecos"
38,"03 Africa\038 Senegal"
39,"03 Africa\039 Tunez"


40,"04 America\040 Costa Rica"
41,"04 America\041 Mexico"
42,"04 America\042 Panama"
43,"04 America\043 Estados Unidos"
44,"04 America\044 Argentina"
45,"04 America\045 Brasil"
46,"04 America\046 Chile"
47,"04 America\047 Colombia"
48,"04 America\048 Ecuador"
49,"04 America\049 Paraguay"
50,"04 America\050 Peru"
51,"04 America\051 Uruguay"


52,"05 Asia Oceania\052 Iran"
53,"05 Asia Oceania\053 Japon"
54,"05 Asia Oceania\054 Arabia Saudita"
55,"05 Asia Oceania\055 Corea del Sur"
56,"05 Asia Oceania\056 Australia"


57,"06 Otras Selecciones\057 Montenegro"
58,"06 Otras Selecciones\058 Armenia"
59,"06 Otras Selecciones\059 Israel"
60,"06 Otras Selecciones\060 Bielorrusia"
61,"06 Otras Selecciones\061 Bulgaria"
62,"06 Otras Selecciones\062 Venezuela"
63,"06 Otras Selecciones\063 Bolivia"


64,"07 Liga Inglesa\064 Arsenal"
65,"07 Liga Inglesa\065 Burnley FC"
66,"07 Liga Inglesa\066 AFC Bournemouth"
67,"07 Liga Inglesa\067 Watford"
68,"07 Liga Inglesa\068 Stoke City"
69,"07 Liga Inglesa\069 Chelsea FC"
70,"07 Liga Inglesa\070 Everton FC"
71,"07 Liga Inglesa\071 Leicester City"
72,"07 Liga Inglesa\072 FC Liverpool"
73,"07 Liga Inglesa\073 Manchester City"
74,"07 Liga Inglesa\074 Manchester United"
75,"07 Liga Inglesa\075 Southampton FC"
76,"07 Liga Inglesa\076 Brighton & Hove Albion FC"
77,"07 Liga Inglesa\077 Huddersfield Town AFC"
78,"07 Liga Inglesa\078 West Bromwich Albion"
79,"07 Liga Inglesa\079 West Ham United"
80,"07 Liga Inglesa\080 Tottenham Hotspur"
81,"07 Liga Inglesa\081 Newcastle United FC"
82,"07 Liga Inglesa\082 Swansea City"
83,"07 Liga Inglesa\083 Crystal Palace"


84,"08 Liga Argentina\084 CA Banfield"
85,"08 Liga Argentina\085 Defensa y Justicia"
86,"08 Liga Argentina\086 Atletico Tucuman"
87,"08 Liga Argentina\087 CA River Plate"
88,"08 Liga Argentina\088 CA Boca Juniors"
89,"08 Liga Argentina\089 Independiente"
90,"08 Liga Argentina\090 Estudiantes"
91,"08 Liga Argentina\091 Huracan"
92,"08 Liga Argentina\092 Godoy Cruz"
93,"08 Liga Argentina\093 CA Belgrano"
94,"08 Liga Argentina\094 Gimnasia LP"
95,"08 Liga Argentina\095 CA Lanus"
96,"08 Liga Argentina\096 Newells Old Boys"
97,"08 Liga Argentina\097 Talleres"
98,"08 Liga Argentina\098 Olimpo"
99,"08 Liga Argentina\099 Racing Club"
100,"08 Liga Argentina\100 Rosario Central"
101,"08 Liga Argentina\101 San Lorenzo"
102,"08 Liga Argentina\102 CA Tigre"
103,"08 Liga Argentina\103 CA Velez Sarsfield"


104,"09 Liga Italiana\104 Genoa CFC"
105,"09 Liga Italiana\105 Benevento Calcio"
106,"09 Liga Italiana\106 Bologna FC"
107,"09 Liga Italiana\107 Cagliari Calcio"
108,"09 Liga Italiana\108 Juventus"
109,"09 Liga Italiana\109 Hellas Verona"
110,"09 Liga Italiana\110 AFC Fiorentina"
111,"09 Liga Italiana\111 Inter Milan"
112,"09 Liga Italiana\112 Lazio"
113,"09 Liga Italiana\113 Chievo Verona"
114,"09 Liga Italiana\114 SSC Napoli"
115,"09 Liga Italiana\115 AC Milan"
116,"09 Liga Italiana\116 Sampdoria"
117,"09 Liga Italiana\117 Atalanta Bergamo"
118,"09 Liga Italiana\118 FC Crotone"
119,"09 Liga Italiana\119 AS Roma"
120,"09 Liga Italiana\120 US Sassuolo Calcio"
121,"09 Liga Italiana\121 FC Torino"
122,"09 Liga Italiana\122 SPAL 2013"
123,"09 Liga Italiana\123 Udinese Calcio"


124,"10 Liga Alemana\124 Hannover 96"
125,"10 Liga Alemana\125 Bayer 04 Leverkusen"
126,"10 Liga Alemana\126 Borussia Dortmund"
127,"10 Liga Alemana\127 Borussia Monchengladbach"
128,"10 Liga Alemana\128 FC Augsburg"
129,"10 Liga Alemana\129 1.FSV Mainz 05"
130,"10 Liga Alemana\130 FC Bayern Munchen"
131,"10 Liga Alemana\131 FC Schalke 04"
132,"10 Liga Alemana\132 Hamburger SV"
133,"10 Liga Alemana\133 SC Freiburg"
134,"10 Liga Alemana\134 Hertha BSC"
135,"10 Liga Alemana\135 1.FC Koln"
136,"10 Liga Alemana\136 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim"
137,"10 Liga Alemana\137 RB Leipzig"
138,"10 Liga Alemana\138 VfB Stuttgart"
139,"10 Liga Alemana\139 VfL Wolfsburg"
140,"10 Liga Alemana\140 SV Werder Bremen"
141,"10 Liga Alemana\141 SG Eintracht Frankfurt"


142,"11 Liga Espanola\142 Athletic Club Bilbao"
143,"11 Liga Espanola\143 FC Barcelona"
144,"11 Liga Espanola\144 RC Celta de Vigo"
145,"11 Liga Espanola\145 Getafe CF"
146,"11 Liga Espanola\146 Deportivo Alaves"
147,"11 Liga Espanola\147 RCD Espanyol"
148,"11 Liga Espanola\148 CD Leganes"
149,"11 Liga Espanola\149 Malaga CF"
150,"11 Liga Espanola\150 SD Eibar"
151,"11 Liga Espanola\151 Levante UD"
152,"11 Liga Espanola\152 Atletico Madrid"
153,"11 Liga Espanola\153 Real Madrid"
154,"11 Liga Espanola\154 Las Palmas"
155,"11 Liga Espanola\155 RC Deportivo la Coruсa"
156,"11 Liga Espanola\156 Real Betis"
157,"11 Liga Espanola\157 Real Sociedad"
158,"11 Liga Espanola\158 Sevilla FC"
159,"11 Liga Espanola\159 Valencia CF"
160,"11 Liga Espanola\160 Villarreal CF"
161,"11 Liga Espanola\161 Girona FC"


162,"12 Otras Ligas A\162 Anderlecht"
163,"12 Otras Ligas A\163 FC Basel 1893"
164,"12 Otras Ligas A\164 Ajax"
165,"12 Otras Ligas A\165 Lokomotiv Moscow"
166,"12 Otras Ligas A\166 Besiktas JK"
167,"12 Otras Ligas A\167 Olympiacos CFP"
168,"12 Otras Ligas A\168 Fenerbahce"
169,"12 Otras Ligas A\169 Panathinaikos"
170,"12 Otras Ligas A\170 FC Red Bull Salzburg"
171,"12 Otras Ligas A\171 Benfica"
172,"12 Otras Ligas A\172 Porto"
173,"12 Otras Ligas A\173 Sporting Lisboa"
174,"12 Otras Ligas A\174 FC Dynamo Kyiv"
175,"12 Otras Ligas A\175 FC Viktoria Plzen"
176,"12 Otras Ligas A\176 Zenit St. Petersburg"
177,"12 Otras Ligas A\177 PSV Eindhoven"
178,"12 Otras Ligas A\178 Paris Saint Germain"
179,"12 Otras Ligas A\179 Galatasaray"
180,"12 Otras Ligas A\180 Olympique Lyonnais"


181,"13 Otras Ligas B\181 CSKA Moskow"
182,"13 Otras Ligas B\182 Olympique Marseille"
183,"13 Otras Ligas B\183 Shakhtar Donestk"
184,"13 Otras Ligas B\184 FC Copenhague"
185,"13 Otras Ligas B\185 AS Monaco"


186,"14 Otras Ligas C\186 Atletico MG"
187,"14 Otras Ligas C\187 Santos FC"
188,"14 Otras Ligas C\188 Atletico Paranaense"
189,"14 Otras Ligas C\189 Gremio FBPA"
190,"14 Otras Ligas C\190 SE Palmeiras"
191,"14 Otras Ligas C\191 Botafogo FR"
192,"14 Otras Ligas C\192 CS Emelec"
193,"14 Otras Ligas C\193 Barcelona SC"
194,"14 Otras Ligas C\194 Penarol de Montevideo"
195,"14 Otras Ligas C\195 Nacional"
196,"14 Otras Ligas C\196 Olimpia"
197,"14 Otras Ligas C\197 Cerro Porteno"
198,"14 Otras Ligas C\198 Club Guarani"
199,"14 Otras Ligas C\199 Jorge Wilstermann"
200,"14 Otras Ligas C\200 The Strongest"
201,"14 Otras Ligas C\201 Chivas"
202,"14 Otras Ligas C\202 Atletico Nacional"
203,"14 Otras Ligas C\203 CR Flamengo"


204,"15 Desafio Internacional\204 Finlandia"
205,"15 Desafio Internacional\205 Estonia"
206,"15 Desafio Internacional\206 Letonia"
207,"15 Desafio Internacional\207 Guatemala"
208,"15 Desafio Internacional\208 Honduras"
209,"15 Desafio Internacional\209 Jamaica"
210,"15 Desafio Internacional\210 Trinidad y Tobago"
211,"06 Otras Selecciones\063 Bolivia"
212,"06 Otras Selecciones\062 Venezuela"
213,"15 Desafio Internacional\213 Nueva Zelanda"
214,"15 Desafio Internacional\214 China"
215,"15 Desafio Internacional\215 Iraq"
216,"15 Desafio Internacional\216 Jordan"
217,"15 Desafio Internacional\217 Kuwait"
218,"15 Desafio Internacional\218 Corea del Norte"
219,"15 Desafio Internacional\219 UAE"
220,"15 Desafio Internacional\220 Uzbekistan"


221,"16 Liga Master Original\221 ML United"
222,"16 Liga Master Original\222 AC Maestore"
223,"16 Liga Master Original\223 AS Victoire"
224,"16 Liga Master Original\224 CA Especialista"
225,"16 Liga Master Original\225 Bravona"
226,"16 Liga Master Original\226 FC Aries"
227,"16 Liga Master Original\227 FC Taurus"
228,"16 Liga Master Original\228 AC Gemini"
229,"16 Liga Master Original\229 AS Cancer"
230,"16 Liga Master Original\230 AC Leo"
231,"16 Liga Master Original\231 AS Virgo"
232,"16 Liga Master Original\232 Libra FC"
233,"16 Liga Master Original\233 Scorpio FC"
234,"16 Liga Master Original\234 FC Sagittarius"
235,"16 Liga Master Original\235 AS Capricorn"
236,"16 Liga Master Original\236 AC Aquarius"
237,"16 Liga Master Original\237 Pisces FC"
238,"16 Liga Master Original\238 WE Japan"
239,"16 Liga Master Original\239 Italian All-Stars"
240,"16 Liga Master Original\240 English All-Stars"
241,"16 Liga Master Original\241 Dutch All-Stars"
242,"16 Liga Master Original\242 Spanish All-Stars"
243,"16 Liga Master Original\243 Germany All-Stars"
244,"16 Liga Master Original\244 French All-Stars"
245,"16 Liga Master Original\245 Argentinian All-Stars"
246,"16 Liga Master Original\246 Brazilian All-Stars"
247,"16 Liga Master Original\247 AS Mohican"
248,"16 Liga Master Original\248 FC Magerio"
249,"16 Liga Master Original\249 Longuedez"
250,"16 Liga Master Original\250 Bosedez"
251,"16 Liga Master Original\251 Maccingami FC"
252,"16 Liga Master Original\252 Wakame'73"
253,"16 Liga Master Original\253 Waketenaze'91"
254,"16 Liga Master Original\254 World All-Stars"
255,"16 Liga Master Original\255 Europe All-Stars"
256,"16 Liga Master Original\256 North America All-Stars"
257,"16 Liga Master Original\257 South America All-Stars"
258,"16 Liga Master Original\258 Asia All-Stars"
259,"16 Liga Master Original\259 Africa All-Stars"
260,"16 Liga Master Original\260 ML Youth"
261,"16 Liga Master Original\261 ML Veterans"
262,"16 Liga Master Original\262 Galaticos"
263,"16 Liga Master Original\263 Jaguars"
264,"16 Liga Master Original\264 Oxen"
265,"16 Liga Master Original\265 Goliaths"
266,"16 Liga Master Original\266 Little Rascals"
267,"16 Liga Master Original\267 Lefties"
268,"16 Liga Master Original\268 Tomato"
269,"16 Liga Master Original\269 Goalies"
270,"16 Liga Master Original\270 PES Athletic"
271,"16 Liga Master Original\271 WE Athletic"


Ссылки на инсталлятор патча

Русские комментарии


1. Скачанный файл e_sound.afs переименовать в s_sound.afs и скопировать с заменой в папку "PES 6 Supersonic Patch The Return 2017-18\dat".

2. В опциях звука отключить произношение имен футболистов, чтобы не было ошибок.

3. Файл комментариев взят из бонуса патча PES 6 RPL 2010 v.2.1.


1. Папка сохранения для опшин файла находится по пути - "Мои Документы\SSPR18\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\save\folder1". Опшин устанавливается автоматически.
2. В папке "PES 6 Supersonic Patch The Return 2017-18\misc\Extras" есть некоторые бонусные файлы.
3. Если вы хотите вернуть испанский язык в меню игры - переместите все "*.str" файлы "unknow_00001.str - ... - unknow_00416.str" из папки "PES 6 Supersonic Patch The Return 2017-18\kitserver\dat\s_text.afs" в папку "s_text.afs new". Также сделайте это чтобы было доступно меню редактирования в игре, так как с английским языком в игре меню EDIT не работает.

Последний раз редактировалось Sany1984, 26.05.2019 в 16:55.
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